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Product description

The active ingredient Auxina Tricogena and Balsamo Fioravanti contain a complex of high-quality plant extracts. Myrrh essential oil has an antiseptic and soothing effect, GINGER has strengthening and tonic properties. The combination of these herbs helps to cleanse the hair roots, thus regulating the exchange of nutrients in the skin. Bay leaf essential oils create an optimal environment to protect the hair papilla (responsible for lifelong hair growth), while CINNAMON EXTRACT has an effective skin tightening and cleansing effect. GALBANUM OIL has soothing and strengthening properties. ZEDOARIA ESSENTIAL OIL perfectly improves hair structure and makes it shiny. CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL helps prevent excessive hair oiliness. PINE ESSENTIAL OIL and natural menthol crystals provide nutrients for good hair growth.


Trivalent shampoo with auxin and flower extracts that penetrate deeply into the scalp, stimulating hair growth, normalizing trichological disorders caused by excess sebum or dandruff. Method of application: Apply to wet hair, massage and wash. If necessary, repeat. Use together with Tricogen Lotion. Active ingredients: Balsamo Fioravanti. This rich complex of valuable plant essential resins of Mediterranean plants has an antiseptic and wound-healing effect. Myrrh is known since ancient times as an effective antiseptic and distracting agent, and ginger has a tonic and strengthening effect. The synergy of these natural components leads to the removal of all foreign impurities and harmful substances from the hair bulb. The essential oil of noble laurel creates optimal conditions for preserving the tone of hair follicles, and cinnamon extract (Cinnamon), being an astringent, effectively cleanses the scalp. Gummy bear oil (Galbanum) has soothing and strengthening properties. Turmeric plays a key role as it gives hair shape and shine. Carnation seed oil removes excess sebum, restoring and normalizing the balance of the scalp. Essential oil of wild forest pine and natural crystals of menthol provide sufficient nutrition for hair during the period of its recovery and growth.


TRICOGEN shampoo

Enriched with Auxina Tricogena and Balsamo Fioravanti, it is the foaming version of the lotion with a cleansing character, which ensures a longer residence time of the active ingredients on the scalp.

How to use:
apply a dose of the product on wet hair and massage. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation a second time. Use in combination with TRICOGEN lotion.



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